Strong as a bear through an ingenious concept

The newly developed Grizzly PE container is available exclusively for batchpur small sewage treatment plants. The high quality of materials, its specific design and its many advanced built-in qualities lead to considerable cost savings during installation and operation of the SBR plant.

  • Suitable for groundwater installation
  • Integrated buoyancy safeguards
  • Highest stability at normal and frost-proof installation depths
  • Construction and design support the treatment process
  • Cost-effective installation

Like an anchor in the ground

The Grizzly has a specially constructed design:
Its lateral ribs widen downwards. This creates an effect similar to a dowel. It firmly seated in the soil. Even when the container is empty and ground water reaches the discharge pipe of the container.

Without additional actions for buoyancy safeguards.

Efficient and energy cost saving

Basically, the Grizzly is a rectangular container. Thus, the waste water has almost the same surface height at each filling level. This has the advantage that the air lift pump works much more efficiently and with less energy expenditure, in transporting the water from the container.

Dimensionally stable even in its empty state

The Grizzly withstands the pressure of lateral loads under the earth through its unique shape and its robust ribbed walls. Enormous dimensional stability and integrated buoyancy safeguards make the Grizzly unbeatable. This simplifies the installation considerably. You save the entire cost for the buoyancy safeguards.

Grizzly means: Purchase with no future expenses.

Solid as a rock

The Grizzly is suitable for any installation in groundwater. Even if the tank is completely emptied and groundwater reaches the discharge pipe.

With the Grizzly you are always on the safe side.

A team that is strong as a bear:

The Grizzly tank is available with the batchpur SBR unit or an Aero SBR unit

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