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… always in contact!

You can communicate with the easy…con control with your batchpur plant via the Internet. With easy…con you can check at any time far away from the plant on the PC, laptop or via Smartphone, if your small sewage treatment plant is running.
easy…con processes the data for HTML and can be called-up via your Internet browser. You will not need any software installation and no special operating system. That is state of the art.

… always high effiency through valuable data!

The evaluation of the information is always only as good as the data supplied and the small sewage treatment plant batchpur is astoundingly good in this matter: The batchpur control is in principle designed in such a way that it records extensively and thoroughly everything happening in the plant. It can, therefore, inform you in detail about the cleaning process, electricity consumption and functioning of batchpur via easy…con.

Also the operation log bookkeeping required by the authorities becomes rather easy: Direct updating on the computer, storage and printing out. Manual input is a thing of the past.

… always safe regarding costs!

Due to the remote monitoring of the data, the maintenance company – with your consent – can regulate your small sewage treatment plant in the event of a fault, depending on the type of control unit without being on-site. Travel is unnecessary and you will have less costs.

Another advantage is: You do not have to sacrifice days of your holidays when your batchpur plant is serviced. With your permission your service technician can have access to the control unit of the plant via password and Internet access also if it is installed inside your house. He does not need access to your house on any maintenance visit! The new easy con controls allows bi-directional data exchange. Not only can you check online and access you log book but also check the parameters of the plant or have this done by granting access to an authorised service engineer for maintenance work. This saves you travel time and lost holidays.

More comfort. Lower costs. Consistently fair.

… The perfect protection for owners!
… Operating individually – central administration!
… The service technician is informed and can act!
… Reporting by email!