We Care for Clean Water!

The C4C-Module for small waste water treatment plants

Our technology to remove micropollutants and microbiological contaminants

  • Single family houses
  • Multiple family dwellings
  • Housing estates, villages and hamlets
  • Retirement homes
  • Hotels & Gastronomy
  • Camping sites

The situation in surface waters is critical

Our creeks, rivers and even bathing waters (!) are increasingly threatened by organic pollutants like endocrine substances, drug residues, cosmetics or biocides.

Directly from domestic waste waters, these substances may penetrate into the small sewage treatment plant, but cannot be eliminated in a biological purification process. Already nowadays, the contamination of numerous sur-face waters reaches values of eco-toxicological relevance, with correspon-ding consequences for flora and fauna.

Water is the basis of life also for ourselves! This resource can ne-ver be replaced! Environmental protection is a matter of concern for all of us!

Multi-resistant germs become a huge problem all over the world.

The increasing spread of antibiotic-resistant pathogens causes concern all over the world. The most important reason for this problem is the use of anti-biotics in human and veterinary medicine, entailing the natural development of resistant bacteria. Together with excrements, resistant germs and residues of antibiotics, passing through sewage and small sewage treatment plants, are emitted into our waters.

Introduction of resistances and their spread in the environment represent a risk for public health.

The solution: C4C Technology by batchpur
elimination of non-biodegradable substances

The approach C4C – Care for Clean Water – establishes a new dimension for decentral water treatment.

The process is based on a radiation source generating highly reactive radicals which under optimized conditions react with the micropollutants. The high oxidation potential produced decomposes the pollutants and delivers clean sterile water. For a clean and sustainable environment.

In order to reduce the concentration of micropollutants further, a corresponding upgrade of small sewage treatment plants is useful. Note that this is not only a question of technical feasibility, but also of economical effectiveness.

New for all Aero and batchpur SBR small waste water treatment plants

Geprüft nach EN 12566 Teil 7, 2013

  • Elimination of trace substances in domestic sewage (80% elimination acc. to the Swiss approach)
  • Appropriate for a great variety of systems
  • UV-disinfection integrated
  • Simple installation
  • Inexpensive
  • No intense maintenance required
  • Safe operation