The concept of the small sewage treatment plant from batchpur is based on the principle of sustainability. It was therefore of importance for the developing engineers right from the start to create a system prospectively thought-through and innovative in the long-term.

The performance of the small sewage treatment plants from batchpur was tested in all treatment classes at a testing field. batchpur has received the respective approval certificates for all cleaning classes.

  • Everybody knows from experience that environmental requirements are increasing constantly. Insofar it is reassuring that also higher cleaning classes can be achieved.
  • In Germany, a building supervisory approval does not come as a present. Neither costs nor efforts were spared: batchpur has passed all tests required for concrete and plastic containers. Also good to know is that batchpur has passed the tests with ease and there is space for upgrades.

The batchpur small sewage treatment plant offers double safety:

  • Should conditions change in the future, you can be sure, when purchasing a small sewage treatment plant from batchpur today, that your plant will also meet future requirements.
  • A plant, having proved that it meets all cleaning classes is a high-performance plant in any design.

Cleaning classes
C – N – D

already included as standard


because the legal conditions are consistently met


because many “extras” are included in series production

Cleaning class

batchpur additional module

Phosphate elimination
easy to install

You can achieve best waste water values with the assembly set for phosphate elimination.

The advantages

  • Exact dosing proportional to the waste water quantity
  • Continuous container monitoring and level indication at the display
  • Low costs, no wear
  • 5 years guarantee on storage and dosing installation
  • Quick and clean assembly
  • Large revision opening and overfilling display

Cleaning class

batchpur additional module

Sterilised water with UV light – without chemicals

You can sterilise your waste water cost-effective and environment-friendly with the batchpur UV-hygienization facility.

The advantages

  • All certificates according to the applicable EU regulations
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Simple installation into existing plants
  • Sustainable for the environment – saves your wallet
  • Reduced maintenance costs – as no regular replacement of membranes is needed
  • Reasonable as a package – Module design allows simple upgrade of the standard batchpur version


batchpur additional module

Elimination of micropollutants

The Care for Clean Water module removes drug residues, antibiotics, bacteria and viruses from your domestic wastewater

The advantages

  • Safe and low-maintenance technology
  • Inexpensive in a package – modular design enables the batchpur standard version to be easily upgraded

For us, clean water means pure water

That is why you will find all the possibilities for our small sewage treatment plants that the current level of research and development offers …