European patents

… mean that you will get a real new development in the area of sewage treatment technology with a batchpur plant, tested and proven technically and legally as a future-orientated, innovative solution.

CE conformity

… is a precondition in Germany for in series manufactured product to be allowed at all into the market. This document confirms, among others, the cleaning performance of the plant.

Building supervisory authority approval certificates

… are issued by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt). They regulate the water discharge requirements for the construction and operation of small sewage treatment plants. The approval covers, in particular, the discharge classes as well as the requirements for installation, commissioning, maintenance and operation.

Explosion protection

… as the plant works with air lift pumps there are no electrical pumps and components in the clarification tank.

These are the facts.

batchpur has a lot to show:

  • Patent document pressure measuring
  • European patent pressure measuring
  • Patent document oxygen control
  • European patent oxygen control
  • Nine building supervisory authorities approval certificates of DIBt