The Aero SBR small sewage plant works with the SBR system (which has proved its worth for years) in the wastewater is treated in cycles. The new feature, however, is that there is no loading, so less energy is required and the old separated sludge storage is missed out as a step in the process. Instead, the sludge is also aerated and reduced. This considerably shrinks the volume of sludge, meaning that sludge only rarely has to be handled and disposed of, drastically. Thereby, operating costs will decline sigificanty.


The influent is piped into the Aero SBR plant.


Both the wastewater and the sludge are aerated. Atmospheric oxygen is introduced to the bacteria in little bubbles of air via energy-optimised membranes. The currents created enable perfect mixing with high throughput speeds.

Settling phase

After biological cleaning with the bacteria has been completed, the so-called settling phase begins. In this settling phase, the cleaned effluent separates from the biological sludge.

Cleaning the air lift pump with ALC®

A zone of clear, purified wastewater begins to form in the upper levels shortly after the settling phase has begun, and this is when the ALC® process swings into action. A second air lift pump is used to propel purified wastewater through the piping system of the air lift system for clear water removal, removing the particles of sludge deposited in the pipe system during the purification process and thus cleaning this pipe system.

Clear water removal

Once the settling phase has finished, the clear wastewater is removed. A wear-free air lift pump is used to remove the clear, purified effluent from the upper levels into the soakaway or a watercourse.

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