Classes C, N, D included

Cleaning Class P*

UV module for sterilisation available

C4C module for degradation of drug residues

Online Remote Monitoring*

One-time maintenance*


Elimination of operator inspections*

*additional costs

The saver system: You can save money with Aero

  • with simple retro-fit installation
  • on sludge disposal with sludge stabilisation
  • with minimal energy use

The sludge is stabilised aerobically (i.e. with air) in the Aero small treatment plant.
This is an enormous advantage:

  1. Because there are no more bad smells from the treatment plant caused by decomposition processes.
  2. Because no more fermentation gases are generated, no corrosion is caused in the tanks – especially in existing concrete tanks. So your tank will last for a long time to come.
  3. The sludge is stabilised with atmospheric oxygen, thus reducing the organic matter. This shrinks the volume of sludge considerably and means that sludge rarely needs to be disposed of.

Aero, with excellent cleaning performance in classes C, N and D.

The standard model of the Aero system already includes class D: no extra cost if you ever have to meet cleaning class D requirements.

Aerobic sludge stabilisation

SBR system perfected

Renovation or modernisation?

An inspired solution

ALC technology

The clean solution comes from batchpur

Containers for Aero

to meet your needs