8. August 2019

batchpur als Wartungsfachbetrieb erfolgreich zertifiziert! 🙂

Im August 2019 wurde die batchpur GmbH & Co KG als Wartungsfachbetrieb durch den Landesverband DWA Nord-Ost erfolgreich rezertifiziert. Die Überprüfung wurde durch Herrn Prof. Dr. Novak vorgenommen. Wir freuen uns über die Rezertifizierung.

Wir werden auch weiterhin unseren Kunden unser gesamtes Know-how im Bereich Service und Wartung zur Verfügung stellen.

Dr. Ruth Rau

Ruth Rau

Juni 2019

Dr. Ruth Rau

Ruth Rau


New research laboratory know in operation

We have taken our new research lab in operation. In addition to a completely new laboratory furnishings numerous devices were purchased, that allow us our research and development to a large extent expand.

Besides being able to perform complex degradation tests, completely new possibilities for analysis are realized.
An investment that further consolidates our technological leadership in the field of decentralized wastewater treatment.


Efficient SBR small wastewater treatment plant according to EN 12566 part 3 with high cleaning performance

The batchpur SBR small wastewater treatment plant has reached a power consumption of only 90 W per inhabitant per day in the 38 weeks after examination by the European Standard.

The Aero SBR small wastewater treatment plant with aerobic sludge stabilization has achieved a power consumption of only 104 W per inhabitant per day in the 38 weeks after examination by the European Standard.

Contract signed with Chinese partner

In China, the batchpur technology is in great demand. After extensive testing, our Chinese partner has decided to use only the batchpur technology in China.

At the beginning  of August 2016 20 engineers and technicians were trained in the use of our technology in a four-day seminar in Shanghai.

Then the long-term contracts were signed by the directors of both companies.

We wish to thank you for the very warm hospitality and wish our partners every success with the batchpur technology.


New plastic tank for 6 and 12 PE systems with supervisory approval for the effluent class C, D and P

Even more choices are now offered in the field of plastic tanks. The newly designed plastic tank can be used for batchpur SBR plants for 6 people (single tank) or 12 people (double tank). The plastic tank was tested for groundwater installation and is suitable for installation in groundwater.

Bild 6 EW Behälter11/04/2016

The new plastic tank: Grizzly

Strong as a bear through an ingenious concept!
The newly developed Grizzly PE container is available exclusively for batchpur small sewage treatment plants.
The high quality of materials, its specific design and its many advanced built-in qualities lead to considerable
cost savings during installation and operation of the SBR plant.
titelbild prospekt en
• Suitable for groundwater installation
• Integrated buoyancy safeguards
• Highest stability at normal and frost-proof installation depths
• Construction and design support the treatment process
• Cost-effective installation
Like an anchor in the ground
The Grizzly has a specially constructed design:
Its lateral ribs widen downwards. This creates an effect similar to a dowel. It firmly seated in the soil. Even when the container is empty and ground water reaches the discharge pipe of the container. Without additional actions for buoyancy safeguards.
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Our Kenyan partner uses the batchpur technology sustainably

Thanks to the support of our Kenyan partner the batchpur SBR system is successfully used in the decentralized wastewater sector in rural areas in East Africa. The excellent cleaning performance of batchpur system in combination with the professional local support enables an optimal reuse of the biologically treated water in agriculture.

It’s great to see which enormous potential is situated in the reuse of treated wastewater and in the benefit that the limited water resource can be used more efficient and sustainable.

kenia 2
We are curious what other sustainable projects can be realized through this cooperation!

Presentation of the current products and innovations at the IFAT 2016

You will find us in Hall A2, Booth 427th

We are looking forward to your visit!




New:  Logo Aeo  The smart fluidized bed system with restrictor

—  Available from March 2016 

We have developed a new fluidized bed wastewater treatment system. The 38 weeks test on the test field in Aachen was completed with excellent cleaning performance and a sensationally low energy consumption. Only 92 W per inhabitant and day energy consumption was determined by the independent testing institute PIA Aachen.

The integrated restricting device ensures that even if larger amounts of waste water flows in a short time in the plant, the system can operate constantly and the subsequent percolation is not affected by large amounts of water from the outlet.


Zeichnunf Aeo 3D


New central delivery warehouse near Leipzig (Germany)

On January 4, 2016 our new delivery warehouse went into operation near Leipzig.


batchpur® Zero C® provides clean water and clean air!

The batchpur® SBR small wastewater treatment plant is now equipped as a first technical wastewater treatment plant in Europe with Zero C® technology without extra charge.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us!


Hugh Success at IFAT 2014

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