In sewage treatment plants, due to the construction of the whole system, sludge particles during the aeration procedure may penetrate into the circuit of the clear water discharge. In order to avoid this phenomenon, ALC® technology uses purified water to clean the contained tubes of the discharge itself, so sludge particles are removed and the final product is really clean. This represents an enormous advantage for plants with subsequent percolation.

The ALC®-technology has carefully been examined on an accredited testing area of the independent PIA institute and has shown excellent purification results. This technology can exclusively be obtained from the batchpur company.


Sludge particles are adsorbed into the circuit of the clear water discharge.

batchpur Solution by ALC® Technology:

Solution by ALC® technology:

Sludge particles are removed.


Waste water exiting the clear water discharge proves to be purified at the highest degree.