What distinguishes the sophisticated but cost-saving differences of batchpur plants from others?

batchpur plants operate in the airstep air distribution system with stepped motors and not solenoid valves. Solenoid valves have the disadvantage that during opening they must be constantly supplied with energy. This means for you as a consumer, for example, that the solenoid valve must be powered throughout the aeration time. Depending on the type of plant usually between 10-15 watts. The calculation is quite a simple one: For the same period the stepped motor system requires less than 10 %. 90 % less energy consumption in the air Distribution system.

Super silent technology!

Solenoid valves cause a typical noise with each gear change. Stepper motors are barely audible. Gentle technology which goes easy on the material.

Well-designed technology!

The stepper motors in the airstep system are made of high quality material and being reversible can therefore be easily replaced when necessary.erden.