Wastewater solution for your holiday home

batchpur brings demonstrably best values under extreme underload.
Therefore, the batchpur plant is perfect suited for your holiday home.

  • Gastronomy, hotels
  • Single family houses
  • Multiple family dwellings
  • Holiday homes
  • Farms
  • Businesses
  • Camping sites
  • Motorway service stations
  • Sewage treatment plants for housing estates, villages and hamlets

Tested for 6 months without supply of waste water with an excellent purification result

Please contact us, we are happy to provide information about the holiday test.

Our experience and the entire know-how of batchpur for your plant.

Solutions tailored for each application

batchpur technology for small sewage treatment plants is appreciated by clients all over the world. Individual technological solutions and special configurations with respect to the requirements and the waste water to be processed may be developed anytime. The transfer of know-how is ensured by a close cooperation with our experts, familiar with numerous applications in municipal institutions, hotels, restaurants, residential environment and leisure facilities, and also with the situation for business enterprises like slaughterhouses, food processing facilities and breweries. We find the right solution.

Qualified support right from the beginning …

Determination of the basic requirements and planning are decisive phases in each project. Bad planning with respect to size and particular circumstances in proximity of the plant may give rise to serious problems in operation and entail additional investment. Therefore our competent team is at your disposal right from the beginning.

Of course, the service of batchpur is not restricted to the plant technology itself – supplementary analysis, training and technical support will remain available any time. Worldwide supervision of plants can be carried out by means of the elements of remote supervision and control. This means enhanced safety for your system.

We know how to realize a project efficiently and successfully. You can rely on our team anytime.


We have developed the air boost technology with the following requirements in mind:

  • Highest purification performance at maximum cost effectiveness
  • Lowest energy consumption for the entire wastewater treatment process
  • Maximum operational safety.

In conventional systems, all of the functions are carried out by integrated compressors without making any difference, even though the amount of air required may not be identical in each step. In practice, the necessary quantity during oxygen injection for aeration rises to a maximum. For the batchpur air-lift pumps (mammoth pumps) on the other hand, the supply required is much lower. The new air boost technology delivers a smart method to manage the situation: Air supply to air-lift pumps is carried out by a small compressor, used also for the aeration procedure. If a more intense aeration phase proves to be necessary, control automatically activates supplementary powerful compressors – this method perfectly adapts the energy consumption to the real requirements.
Waste of energy this way is reliably prevented.

Keep the methane problem under control!

The effects of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are common knowledge, but nowadays methane gas begins to hit the headlines. This gas is produced also by sewage works disposing of a pre-treatment for sludge retention which includes digestion. It is important to know that the negative effects of methane exceed the harmfulness of carbon dioxide by the factor 21. The Aero technology with aerobic sludge stabilization however gets along without digestion process and therefore does not emit methane, and also no gaseous hydrogen sulfide which usually causes the known smell in the surroundings of these plants. This is an important aspect particularly for hotels and restaurants. Furthermore, the absence of hydrogen sulfide protects concrete walls from corrosion.

Good for environment, good for the plant, and good for your guests.

Super silent air distributor system with long service life

What distinguishes the sophisticated but cost-saving differences of batchput plants from others?

  • 90 % less energy consumption in the air distribution system: batchpur plants operate in the “airstep” air distribution system with stepped motors and not solenoid valves. Solenoid valves have the disadvantage that during opening they must be constantly supplied with energy. This means for you as a consumer, for example, that the solenoid valve must be powered throughout the aeration time. If the aeration time exceeds 15 minutes, then the solenoid valve requires power for 15 minutes. Usually between 10-15 watts. The calculation is quite a simple one: When the solenoid valves are open a total of 10 hours per day in a conventional sewage treatment plant, this means power consumption of 100 to 150 watts each day. For the same period the batchpur stepped motor system requires less than 10 watts.
  • Super silent technology: Solenoid valves cause a typical noise with each gear change. Stepper motors are barely audible. Gentle technology which goes easy on the material.
  • Well-designed technology: The stepper motors in the Airstep system are made of high-quality material and being reversible can therefore be easily replaced when necessary.

We adapt the technology to your plant – for each country and each application

batchpur technologies can be used for a great variety of tank types:

from 4 up to 1500 pe

We will be pleased to advise you on the right selection!

Purchase complete units including tank and technology OR only technical components required.  … or sewage treatment plants based on site-mixed concrete structure, according to connected consumption and regional environment!

It’s your own choice!

You see it and you feel it: Products proven for a long time!

Fittings made of stainless steel

With respect to reliability, lifetime and operating cost, the influence of the individual components of the plant on the total result cannot be neglected. For this reason, we avoid savings at the wrong spot and select valuable material only. For instance, we do not make use of hose connectors made of plastics at the control box – the material chosen is stainless streel.

Service-friendly aerator configuration

The performance of the aerators has been inspected by the independent testing institute PIA. The construction has carefully been prepared, so that aerators of batchpur und Aero SBR-sewage treatment plants can be exchanged within only some minutes.

Responsible and farsighted choice of materials and design

  • batchpur small sewage treatment plants are designed and manufactured with care and foresight. These are fine technical details that are born from the commitment to sustainability and performance, such as quality, durable material of the individual components, production in accordance with high levels of industry standards, glued or welded joints in plastic pipes and sockets instead of using quick-fit joints etc. As a consumer you will realize these benefits as the plant ages. It is then that the individual components from batchpur can be fitted and replaced quickly and economically. batchpur is the small sewage treatment plant that thinks about the next generation.

Easy to assemble and maintain on the long term …

  • In the event of any failure with a con … easy control with Internet connection the customer service can immediately check from the office and if necessary rectify the problem inexpensively in this way. If there is a fault, the causes can usually be diagnosed and the service technician has a clear picture of the action or spare parts that are needed and can work efficiently on site.

Comfortable remote monitoring

  • The new easy … con control enables a user-friendly and logical remote monitoring of the system by modem connection. You log on to your secure access to the operational data of your system, you can control the parameters and print the instruction manual directly from a PC. When on the go you always have secure access to your treatment plant.
  • The sewage treatment plant with the easy … con control has the technical approval should the operator controls fail: The operator does not have to check the plant since this control function is assumed by the easy … con control via a modem and logged automatically in the operations manual and, where appropriate, it informs the operator by email.
  • Thanks to the technical approval of the “one-time maintenance for cleaning classes C and N” the required double maintenance from the third year of operation can be reduced to a single maintenance per year. More detailed information can be found provided by your expert advisor.